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Parallel between “His Secret Life” and “The Turkish Bath”

“The Turkish Bath” is another film directed by Ferzan Ozpetek and also has a common theme, which is men exploring their sexuality. Another parallel between the two films is that the wives play an important role. In “His Secret Life”, the wife had to deal with her husband’s death and the fact that he was bisexual within a few days. In “The Turkish Bath”, the wife named Marta, dealt with the fact that her husband was bisexual and then had to deal with his death towards the end of the film. The two women in these films had to come to terms with not only having lost their husbands, but also finding out about their sexuality and coming to terms with it.


— A picture from a scene in “The Turkish Bath” with Marta’s husband on the right.

Links (Continued)

Gay Pride, Italian Style: Ferzan Ozpetek’s Le Fate Ignoranti (Ignorant Fairies)

This article focuses on the political criticism of the film because of people’s homophobia, which is something that would be a concern. Not only that, but the author notices that Ferzan Özpetek (director) takes a different approach to sexuality than most directors, and succeeds in this because of the movie’s success. Antonia is a key character because she is unknown to the world that Micele lives in, yet is very understanding.


Table Scene

This picture represents the house where all of the people lived because it shows togetherness. Although they are not smiling, they do not look unhappy and this is very important to remember. Also, Antonia is sitting where Massimo once sat, at the head of the table. Near her is Micele, showing that they can bond together by a loss of the same person through these unusual circumstances.

Website Film Reviews

Two film reviews from different writers that bring up new discussion topics that I had not mentioned in the film review (see first post).

Italian Film: Le Fante Ignoranti

This link is to a blog spot that gives a description of the film and draws a lot of attention to the scene where Micele and Antonia kiss. It comes off as if they turn to each other in hopes of being connected to their gone lover.

Le Fante Ignoranti

Something different that this film review has that I did not mention in mine was the cultural differences of Micele and Antonia with money. Antonia is middle class and lives in a very nice home, where as Micele is very laid back and lives in a cramped house in the suburbs.

Analytical Commentary

In analyzing the film not only through the plot but what the director, Ferzan Ozpetek, is trying to teach film viewers, there are a few different aspects. By being so open with the gay/transgender world, he is bringing a new positive light to movies that typically do not features scenes such as those. By choosing one scene to show sexuality between three men, viewers clearly understand what is going on and can see the confusion in Antonia’s face because she is from a different world than these people. She does accept them for who they are because she feels for Micele. A question that arose when I was watching is if whether or not this pertains to normal people in society because they should be more accepting.  The director succeeds in his goals to allow this film to have two main characters, both with strong roles that add to this film.


— Antonia and Micele bonded on the roof of the building.

Recent News Articles

 His Secret Life (Le Fate Ignoranti)

This article discusses how the book of poems ties in the two characters, Antonia and Micele. It also mentions how sheltered Antonia is because she is not used to interacting with people other than in her little world.

Le Fate Ignoranti | The Ignorant Fairy [2001]

This film article is from a blog, yet reviews the film and he writes about how the title of the painting that Antonia found the note on the back was named, “The Ignorant Fairy”. The author also discusses the director’s other movies and the somewhat similarities they have. Although there is criticism, he gives the director positive remarks.