Analytical Commentary

In analyzing the film not only through the plot but what the director, Ferzan Ozpetek, is trying to teach film viewers, there are a few different aspects. By being so open with the gay/transgender world, he is bringing a new positive light to movies that typically do not features scenes such as those. By choosing one scene to show sexuality between three men, viewers clearly understand what is going on and can see the confusion in Antonia’s face because she is from a different world than these people. She does accept them for who they are because she feels for Micele. A question that arose when I was watching is if whether or not this pertains to normal people in society because they should be more accepting.  The director succeeds in his goals to allow this film to have two main characters, both with strong roles that add to this film.


— Antonia and Micele bonded on the roof of the building.


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